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Feed a Smile is a project of Live in Learn in Kenya International. We raise funds to feed very poor children on the Live and Learn in Kenya Int'l program in Nakuru - Kenya. Come to the Lavender Field in Second Life and see what we're doing there - join our group there - become part of making the world a better and nice place to live in for hundreds of children on the program. A warm meal for a hungry child only cost 100 Lindens... Come as a guest - a musician - an artist - performer - friend. Make a difference and have fun doing it !       The Lavender Field - where events make sense - Feed a Smile. Visit location in SL !

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Visit the Feed a Smile Charity Venue in Second Life - LOVELI   INC.   MODELS             www.loveliinc.com

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We need YOU !       LIVE Musicians, Djs, Artists - any kind of HELP is welcome.

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